25 August 2016

Around Connecticut: Torrington Farmers Market

Popped in at the Torrington Farmers Market on Tuesday, while I was out running some other errands, and picked up a delicious assortment of vegetables. It's a small market -- at least on Tuesday -- with, I think, five produce tents and one seller of soaps, but everyone was extremely friendly and wanted to talk about their stock so I ended up spending more time at the Torrington Farmers Market than I'd expected. Which is fine, really! There are worse ways to spend part of a beautiful August afternoon ... doctor's waiting rooms, for example. Ugh. NO DOCTORING IN THIS POST GOSHDARNIT.

Produce! I bought some! Including ground cherries (aka husk cherries) which I had never eaten before, but upon downing a sample knew I had to own a basket of because ohhhh the extraordinary flavor. Both sweet and slightly bitter all at the same time. Kind-of like tiny tomatoes and yet also completely unlike. The woman I bought them from recommended adding them to salsa or salads, but I've just been eating them by the handful every time I pass through the kitchen. Ground cherries have quite a lot of vitamin A and C as well as niacin and thiamin, so there are certainly worse things to mindlessly snack upon!

Not shown in the photo are the four ears of corn I bought to go with that night's barbecued chicken. The corn was 50¢ per ear, which might seem like highway robbery but for the DROUGHT (we're six inches below normal rainfall levels for this time of year) and the pure, unmitigated DELICIOUSNESS of those ears.

The Torrington Farmers Market runs Tuesdays and Saturdays through October. While I enjoyed Tuesday's visit, I'll have to stop back on Saturday to see if the market is bigger -- this seems true of my city's market, anyway -- and I'll need more ground cherries, too!

Torrington Farmers Market
St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church (parking lot)
837 Charles Street, Torrington
Tuesday 3-6
Saturday 10-1
Accepts cash, WIC FMNP, & SFMNP

24 August 2016

Wordless Wednesday: Green Apples

Green apples against a blue sky, with leaves limned in light.

22 August 2016

Steak in the Oven, OMG

It's been waylongtime since I made my mom's "Oven-Fried Paprika Potatoes" but I'd picked some nice potatoes up at the farm stand and already had two really lovely strip steaks on hand, so ... it was Time To Revisit The Potatoes.

According to my blog post, the last time I made steak and oven fries, I cooked the steak at 400°F and the potatoes at 450°F. This confuses me, because the potatoes would have gone in first at 450°F and then ... what? When they were done, I let the oven cool down to 400°F and cooked the steak?

Way too much effort.

This time, everything cooked at 450°F. Obviously, the potatoes need 50 minutes so they still went in first. About 20 minutes before the potatoes were due out of the oven, I took the steaks out of the fridge rub, patted them dry with a paper towel and then rubbed them with Just Cook Foods' Ancho Chicken rub (despite its name, this rub works very well with beef and pork). Then I just left them alone.

As the potatoes finished, I seared the steak in a cast iron skillet and then popped the skillet into the oven. Cooked the steaks for 2 minutes on each side, let them rest for 5, and ended up with two beautiful, perfectly cooked steaks with minimal fuss or bother. This is definitely a method I need to use more often!

(We also had mushrooms with the steaks, of course. Just a foil pack of sliced mushrooms, red onion, a little butter, salt, pepper, and herbs, tossed in the oven just as the potatoes came out).