30 November 2002

Reads & Listens, November 2002


I Don't Know How She Does It: The Life of Kate Reddy, Working Mother by Allison Pearson
Really amusing novel about the impossible balance between work and home. Probably, one of the funniest and truest novels I've read lately -- I stayed up until 4 am reading it and then wanted to read it all over again. Kate Reddy is my long lost sister. Her actions and opinions are eerily familiar. Scarily, I can see myself become a mother just like her. Perhaps a good gift for The Husband ... or not.

In Her Shoes by Jennifer Weiner
Delicious. Funny. Poignant. Devoured it in five hours flat and then spent the day in a happy glow. And to think I almost didn't read this book because the reviews made it sound too cute. Silly woman.

Lucky in the Corner by Carol Anshaw
A pretty pedestrian mother-daughter relationship novel. Oh yes, Mom is an adulterous lesbian and Uncle Harold likes to crossdress, but really that doesn't do much to make me like the book anymore. I can almost see Oprah recommending this book to teens or Hallmark sponsoring a movie version of it.

Code of Conduct by Kristine Smith
I am loathe to describe this as a hard boiled detective novel with sci-fi overtones, because that wouldn't do this book justice. Yes, there's a crime or two or three to be solved, and a lot of the story involves real practical sleuthing rather than technological magic. Generally, I think I'm biased toward this kind of novel. It has the type of hard edged female protagonist that I prefer in my science fiction and the alien idomeni culture is both original and interesting (these aren't humans in funny makeup). Also, the rather unusual focus on documentation (a subject dear to my little librarian heart) did a good job at keeping me sucked in. The only thing I wasn't really happy with was the cover art. This whole giant gun thing is not the point.

Rules of Conflict by Kristine Smith
Stayed up 'til 3 am reading this book and immediately wanted to start the next one, but didn't actually have it on hand so I had to go to bed. Very unhappy, because the library that has a copy won't lend it as it is "too new" so I may go to localoverpricedcorporatechain and buy a copy. Yes, I am enjoying this series that much. It's that good. Go read it. Go. Now. Read. Just ignore the cover art.

Dr. Tatiana's Sex Advice to All Creation by Olivia Judson
Laughed so hard I snorted.