03 June 2007

A Rosy Weekend at the Norwich Rose Garden in Mohegan Park

What with the weather being nice and me having full weekends off, I'm inclined to do as much outside stuff as possible before the twinkly glow of full weekends fades, the humidity creeps in, and I cannot be bothered to stir from the couch. Anyway, this weekend we hied off to the Norwich Rose Garden in Mohegan Park to sniff flowers and take in lots of healthy fresh air.

Prior to visiting, I'd done a little reading up on the Garden and found that the two-acre garden is one of the 130-odd All American Rose Selections's accredited public rose gardens and features over 120 varieties of roses. At the time, 120 varieties of roses sounded pretty fantastic. Alas, when we visited, the garden didn't seem quite as fantastic as anticipated -- about half the roses seemed either new or so recently (and heavily) pruned they weren't more than greenish brown sticks. (I hear the garden suffered a lot of deer damage last autumn and this may account for the less than stellar rose showings).

After we sniffed all the roses we could and canoodled on one of the shady benches, we explored the rest of Mohegan Park -- quite a nice experience, really. The wisteria lined walk which skirts the pond was quite lovely even though not in bloom (must be simply fantastic when in bloom). We managed to while away a not insignificant portion of the afternoon walking the little woodland path around the lake, watching the fishes, and whatnot.