03 June 2007

Another Rosy Weekend in West Hartford

The Husband surprised me last week by driving all the way up to myplaceofwork just to have lunch with me. Sweet of him, no? And a nice way to start off a long weekend. I had a holiday day I needed to use so I'd arranged to take that Friday off and do stuff with The Husband out in the Big Blue Room.

Mostly, this meant driving up to the Capital to check out the roses at Elizabeth Park. Like the Norwich Rose Garden, this garden is also an AARS-accredited public rose garden which, I guess, is supposed to award them a tidy amount of street cred in rose garden land. Or something. There were a fantastic number of roses in bloom, although not all were labeled, so I couldn't really tell you which ones smelt or looked best to me. There were some ruffled pink ones the size of nickels which smelled divine and reminded me of the ones the old farmers had trained against their parlor window, but does that help identify them? Not in the least. And not that it mattered. It was enough to sit with The Husband in a rose-y nook and quietly bake in the sun. (Oh, yes, we are all set for dotage).

Aside from the two and half acre rose garden, the park boasts several other nice garden areas as well as pathways, greenhouses, lawns, a pond with untidy waterfowl, and a cafe. We had rather nice lunch at the Pond House Cafe (after ice cream for elevenses) and stopped for more ice cream on the way home. I know, ice cream twice in one day. We are decadent and depraved people.

But well-contented depraved persons -- and that makes all the difference.