08 October 2007

I Promised Myself a Rose Garden

When the stonework guys came and laid our front path/patio area, we asked they not seed the L-shaped area formed by the steps, path/patio, and edge of the driveway -- leaving me a nice sized possibility of a flower bed to play with.

I've spent the better part of the last couple months planning out how I wanted the bed to look and the plan went through many iterations before I reached my final design. In the end, I went for stuff that would smell good, look pretty from our bench (10' away) and as well as right up close, attract hummingbirds/butterflies/bees, come up every year, and be largely self-maintaining.

I think I've got what I wanted, but there's always a difference between what the plant books say and what the plants actually do, isn't there? Only time will tell me whether I've planted the right stuff or not.
What I've planted in the new L-shaped flower bed (back to front of the large rectangle):
(and back to front of the smaller rectangle)
  • Agastache 'blue fortune' (aka Hyssop)
  • Assorted coneflower seedlings from my mother's garden
  • Achillea 'paprika'
  • More of mom's dwarf irises
  • Daffodils 'tête à tête' and anemone blanda 'blue shades'
(and at the 'pivot' where the two rectangles come together):
  • Assorted tall purple irises from mom's garden
  • Assorted black-eyed susan (we think) seedlings from mom's garden
I also planted some of my mother's dwarf irises in the other front bed and will plant daffodils 'tête à tête' and anemone blanda 'blue shades' along its edge to tie the two beds together a bit better.

Now, I just have to cross my fingers and hope everything will come up again next spring (and pretty much where I planted it -- damned cats are very good at rearranging flower beds to suit their napping needs).