Stuff and Nonsense: Day 21: Favorite Picture Book From Childhood


Day 21: Favorite Picture Book From Childhood

Favorite childhood picture book? Oh, that's easy! Without a doubt, Little Mouse on the Prairie (A Serendipity Book) by Stephen Cosgrove with illustrations by Robin James. It's a sweet story about a very busy, unsmiling mouse named Tweezle who never has time to frolic and play like the other silly field mice. Come winter, Tweezle is snug (if a bit lonely) in her well-prepared home while the care-fee and unprepared mice shiver in the cold. After some pleading, she takes the silly mice in and everyone learns an Important Lesson.

I loved this picture book so much – Tweezle was so adorably cranky and James’ illustrations really brought the story to life!

Another great selection by my mom!

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