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Manga: Chi's Sweet Home, Volume 1

Chi’s Sweet Home: Volume 1 by Kanata Konami (Vertical, 2010)

Holy flippin’ fish fingers, Batman! Chi's Sweet Home this is the sweetest, most adorable, squeetastic kitty manga the world has ever seen. I do not know how I managed to miss this series for so long, but now that I have read the first volume, I indeed to read the rest as soon as possible.

Chi’s Sweet Home is the story of a little lost kitten who is found by a young boy and his mother in a park and brought home to stay with them while they locate a home for her. Unfortunately, the family lives in a pet-free apartment complex and they must hide Chi while they search or they will be evicted! Naturally, this leads to a fair amount of shenanigans as Chi, like all small kittens, is full of energy and curiosity.

Although I’m sure this manga is meant for small children, every adult I’ve shared it with has read it with big grins on their faces and I think this would make a great family read – especially for a family with reluctant readers or for family’s already addicted to Simon’s Cat. Many of the situations addressed in Chi’s Sweet Home will be familiar to most cat owners and, therefore, this manga might make a good gift for a first-time cat owner or person thinking about adopting a kitten. Panels read left to right, so readers who aren’t used to manga shouldn’t have a problem following the text. (Frankly, I just think everyone should read this manga. Even if you told me you hated cats and all things Cute, I would still want you to read Chi’s Sweet Home).

There are currently seven volumes out in the United States, with two more slated for 2012 (and probably many more after that as it’s still serialized in Japan). And … there’s an anime for it! Of course there is!

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