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30 April 2012

Consolatory Cupcakes for Breakfast

Over the weekend, The Husband learned a terrible truth -- the prettiest cupcakes are not always the tastiest. He'd gone out Saturday afternoon and acquired sushi and cupcakes, so that I would not need to cook when I came home from work all tired and cranky. The sushi was delicious, but the cupcakes were not. They were yellow cupcakes filled with raspberry-flavored goo and topped with about three inches of pink raspberry buttercream decorated with a mint leaf and fresh raspberry. They were very pretty.

They did not taste good. The cake was dry and crumbly. The filling was the same red goo used to fill donuts -- there was a whiff of artificial raspberry about it, but otherwise it was just overwhelmingly sweet and sticky and red. The vanilla frosting tower was stiff and almost gritty with sugar. Overall, they were simply Unfortunate Cupcakes. I felt sad for The Husband, but it was a lesson he had to learn sometime. You shouldn't buy baked goods based on pretty.

So I woke up Sunday morning with cupcakes and The Husband's happiness on my mind. I had a box of Betty Crocker Fun da-Middles "Chocolate Cupcake with Creamy Vanilla Filling" mix squirrelled away in my baking cupboard since before Christmas. They couldn't possibly come out worse that Saturday night's cupcakes and might make a nice breakfast. Yes, indeed, cupcakes for Sunday breakfast!

It was easy to make this mix as it goes together like every other Betty Crocker cake mix -- eggs, oil, water, cake mix, stir, stir, stir.


Put two tablespoons of cake batter in each cupcake liner.


Add a splodge of filling to each cup.


Top with the remaining batter. The box says it's important to completely cover the filling which was a bit of a bugger for me as my "two tablespoons of cupcake batter" had been a bit on the heaping side and there nearly wasn't enough batter to go 'round in the end.


Since I was using a non-stick pan, I baked the cupcakes at 325°F for 26 minutes and they came out perfect. Not very pretty, mind you, but pretty delicious.

Gooey Cupcake Middle

Fluffy and chocolaty with a marshmallowy middle, these cupcakes were significantly better than Saturday's bakery cupcakes. Which is kind of a sad thing to write, really, but think of all the money we'll save.

Of course, now that I've made these cupcakes, I'd like to try making some filled cupcakes from scratch. I'm thinking that all I really need in order to clone these particular Betty Crocker cupcakes is a good chocolate cupcake recipe and a container of marshmallow cream ...

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