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23 April 2012

More Fun With Kabobs

I had so much fun, a couple weeks ago, with my first kabobs that I had to try them again. This time I used a Betty Crocker recipe for "Grilled Chicken Kabob Caesar Salad" and, woo boy, these were so good that I expect to make some kind of kabob every week this summer. Meat-onna-stick on bed of salad? What could be simpler? Or more seasonal?

The recipe was really simple ... but I didn't really follow it. I was exhausted after a long Monday in the library trenches and the mere idea of following a recipe seemed overwhelming. So I just hacked it and it was good.

Oven Kabobs

I threaded cubed boneless skinless chicken breasts, bell pepper chunks, and scallion lengths on skewers, brushed them with Newman's Own Creamy Caesar Dressing (thar be anchovies!) and broiled them (it was raining) until the chicken was golden and a few of the scallions were slightly charred (about 6 minutes per side).

Caesar Salad

While the kebabs broiled, I prepared the Caesar salad. I chopped two romaine hearts and tossed them in a big bowl with some more Caesar dressing, cracked pepper, grated Parmesan, and garlicky croutons.

Monday Supper

I portioned the salad out between two plates and topped each leafy pile with two kebabs. Yes, two. They were both delicious.

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