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01 April 2012

Pretty (Yummy) Drumsticks

Faced with a surfeit of basil, I turned to the Internetz and found a recipe for "Lemon Basil Drumsticks." And, oh, this was good!

Basil Drumsticks

This recipe was easy and fun to prepare and makes a nice presentation when it's done. The drumsticks tasted quite good -- a little lemony and a little sweet with lots of good basil flavor. A bit sticky, so not finger food, but well worth a little knife and fork action.

Basil Drumsticks

Just gently loosen the chicken skin and tuck basil leaves between the skin and meat.
My basil leaves were quite big so I only used one leaf per drumstick.

I served the drumsticks with garlicky green beans and Taste of Home's "Artichoke Orzo Pilaf." The green beans were good, as always, and the pilaf showed promise but was not as good as anticipated. I used low-sodium chicken broth instead of water, added fresh basil, and seasoned the pilaf quite liberally with salt and fresh ground pepper, but it was still missing something. Next time, I think I'll use a jar of drained marinated artichoke hearts, instead of the water-packed canned ones, for more flavor. Or, maybe, add some diced oil-packed sun-dried tomatoes with the simmering orzo and leeks?

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