Stuff and Nonsense: Crazy Cooking Challenge: Fruit Smoothies/Shakes


Crazy Cooking Challenge: Fruit Smoothies/Shakes


Too many late nights this week, up too long reading novels, took a toll on my body. By Thursday morning, I felt like grim death and could not begin to guess how I'd get through the remaining work day. Lots of Red Bull and Earl Grey tea. And prayer.

Irregular sleep patterns and a metric ton of caffeinated sugar ... neither of these meet my good health goals. Surely, I could at least eat some fruit today? Staring at my wrinkly peaches, clutching my can of Red Bull, I wondered if anyone had every made a Red Bull Smoothie.

Apparently, yes. Crafty Girl Squared's recipe for "Redbull Smoothie" was one of the simplest I found during my lazy search and I decided to give it a go. (Best decision I've made this week).

Red Bull Smoothie

Take a can of Red Bull, frozen mango chunks, and peaches. Crafty Girl Squared uses frozen peaches, but I only had fresh. I didn't peel the peaches -- just cut them in half, pulled out the pit, and scooped their flesh out with a spoon.

Red Bull Smoothie

Red Bull Smoothie

Puree everything until it is smooth. I started with the fruit and half the Red Bull, then drizzled in the rest of the Red Bull as everything smoothie-fied.

Red Bull Smoothie

Decorate with a strawberry, if you're feeling swanky. Drink. Feel more human.

It's good stuff, really. Not very sweet with lots of mango flavor, a whiff of peach, and that Red Bull tang. Pretty sure I could drink one every morning!

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