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The Cats of Roxville Station

Dumped off a bridge by humans who no longer want her now that summer is past, Ratchet manages to make her way to the fields surrounding Roxville Station. Through trial-and-error as well as careful, surreptitious observation of the other feral cats, Ratchet learns how to make a safe home for herself, where to hunt, and how to avoid humans while taking advantage of human civilization. Ratchet grows into a fine hunter and survivor, moving her way up the feral cat hierarchy until she is second only to Queenella. She could, indeed, soon displace Queenella ... but she keeps crossing paths with Mike, a foster boy who longs for a cat of his own and is desperate to woo Ratchet. Will he succeed in becoming Ratchet's First Home?

I picked this novel up because I was looking for something a little like Chi's Sweet Home as the next volume isn't out until August 2013. And, heartbreakingly sad and sweet as it was, The Cats of Roxville Station did give me a good idea of what life might have been like for Chi had she not been taken in by humans but immediately fallen in with Blackie or Coochi.

This book isn't just about a pack of fictional feral cats -- there's quite a lot of science to it with talk of cat behavior and development, the lifecycle of monarch butterflies, and dwindling barn owl habitat. As someone interested in urban/suburban wildlife, I found The Cats of Roxville Station to be extremely interesting. And charming. Very, very charming.

The Cats of Roxville Station written by Jean Craighead George & illus. by Tom Pohrt (Dutton, 2009)

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  1. Oh, this sounds like a sad one, but one I hope to read. Thanks Lynn


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