Stuff and Nonsense: Polish-Mexican Hot Dogs By Way of Martha Stewart


Polish-Mexican Hot Dogs By Way of Martha Stewart

There's a really nice Polish market in New Britain called The Roly-Poly Bakery and, nearly every time we visit, we leave with a car filled with semolina pudding, chocolates, pickles, and sausages. Our latest trip was no different and we came home with three kinds of sausage -- Bacik kielbaski pyszne (label says "barbecue sausages" but Google Translate says "beautiful sausages" and they certainly are that) and parowki cieleco wieprzowe (veal and pork wieners), as well as Pulaski kielbasy links.

Sunday Dinner
Salatka jarzynowa with pan-fried Pulaski kielbasy links & cucumber salad.

Martha Stewart has a recipe for "Mexican Charred-Corn Dog" I've been eyeing for a while and as the purchase of the wieners meant I finally had all the ingredients on hand, I decided to give the recipe Friday when it was too wet to garden and I could not be bothered with house work. Why wash dishes when I could simply dirty more?

Polish-Mexican Hot Dogs By Way of Martha Stewart

I admit I cheated a bit with this recipe -- I used feta instead of Cotija and heated up some of Trader Joe's frozen fire-roasted sweet corn rather than browning fresh corn. Despite my cheats, we really enjoyed these dogs and I will definitely make this recipe again. With Cotija and fresh corn (when it's in season here, of course).

Mayonnaise on a hot dog may sound a bit weird, but it works well when you take all the other ingredients into account. We'd picked up a small jar of Hellmann's Babunu majonez at Roly Poly and it's much more like Heinz salad cream than mayonnaise. I find I like it a great deal and, while it won't replace the light Hellmann's already in our fridge, it's a good addition and I bet it would work well in a cold lobster roll or salatka jarzynowa. Certainly, it paired very nicely with the lime juice in Stewart's recipe.

Polish-Mexican Hot Dogs By Way of Martha Stewart

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