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Rainy Day Waffles

I was very excited to acquire a free bag of King Arthur Flour's self-rising flour a few months ago as a "real" Victoria sponge needs "self-raising" flour. While I have yet to make a Victoria sponge (soon, surely, now that strawberries are in season?), I have been using the self-rising flour to make some pretty snazzy waffles. I use the buttermilk waffle version of this King Arthur recipe -- it's fast, easy, and makes just the right number of waffles for two people.

Buttermilk Self-Rising Waffles
Blueberry waffle topped w/ blueberries, strawberries, maple syrup, & cinnamon!

The recipe calls for blueberries or other berries and, while I've used blueberries, I usually leave the waffles plain because we tend to bling our waffles out with ridiculous amounts of toppings. The Husband, for example, definitely sees waffles as a way to introduce dessert to the breakfast table as he covers his waffles in berries, ice cream, and whipped cream! I tend to be a bit more low key -- lots of berries and a splash of syrup.

When I do make the waffles with berries (or chocolate chips!), I pour the batter onto the hot waffle grid, then sprinkle berries across the batter, drizzle a little more batter over them, and close the lid. I learned to drizzle a little extra batter over the berries after the sugars from the hot berries fused themselves to the waffle iron.

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