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Top 10 Tuesday: Summer TBRs

We're building our summer TBR lists for this week's Top Ten Tuesday. Alas, TBR lists never seem to work out for me! Last autumn, for example, I said I'd read literary works like Under the Greenwood Tree and catch up with my manga backlog. Utter failure on both fronts.

But, when it comes to books, I am ever the optimist. So here is another list of TBRs I have every intention of reading ... but probably won't. Several of them are books I kickstarted, unfortunately, because while I loving helping books come into the world I am terrible about actually reading them.

Kickstarted, but not read:
  1. Faerie Blood by Angela Korra'ti
  2. Fairy Quest by Paul Jenkins
  3. Golem: A Graphic Novel by Hilary Goldstein (4 issues as PDF w/ the trade paperback out "soon")
  4. Gwendolyn and the Underworld by Bill Robinson
There are several others due out "this summer," but I'm reticent to add them to my TBR list in case they are delayed.

I'm signed up to do an e-book challenge, but haven't read any yet! Naughty of me, I know. So here's six books/novellas that haunt my Kindle:
  1. Dancing with the Duke (Landing a Lord) by Suzanna Medieros
  2. Lady of Devices: A steampunk Adventure Novel (Magnificent Devices) by Shelley Adina
  3. Snow White and Rose Red: The Curse of the Huntsman (Fairy Tales Retold) by Lilly Fang
  4. To Tame A Dragon (The Reluctant Bride Collection) by Megan Bryce
  5. Twixt Two Equal Armies (The Lord & Lady Baugham Stories) by Tina Moncton & Gail McEwen
  6. Two Moons of Sera (Omnibus Edition) by Pavarti K Tyler

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