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Top 10 Tuesday: Top 10 Read In 2013

It's the last Top Ten Tuesday of the year! What better day to talk about the best books we read in 2013? It's hard to pick favorites, because I read a lot of great books in 2013, but I've done my best to compile an honest list:
  1. The Anvil of the World [Fantasy] <rev>
  2. The Different Girl [YA Sci-Fi] <rev>
  3. Earth Girl [YA Sci-Fi] <rev>
  4. The Hallowed Ones [YA Horror-Romance]
  5. Oliver Twist [Classic Brit Lit] <rev>
  6. Tell the Wolves I'm Home [YA Contemporary] <rev>
  7. Three Shadows [GN] <rev>
  8. Two Boys Kissing [YA Contemporary] <rev>
  9. Wool [Sci-Fi]
  10. yotsuba&! [YA GN] <rev>


  1. I read Earth Girl this year too and enjoyed it. It didn't make my top list just because the ending felt a tid bit rushed to me (and Jara didn't get her big "tada its the real me" moment), but still looking forward to the sequel!

  2. Two Boys Kissing is on my top ten list too.


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