Stuff and Nonsense: Cheese Sauce On Everything, Please


Cheese Sauce On Everything, Please

I bought some cracker meal while playing around with recipe ideas for January's Improv Challenge and, while I instinctively knew it would work best for frying, I tried to be healthy and used it to bread baked turkey cutlets. While the results looked good, they tasted a bit meh.

Cheesy Turkey Cutlets

Cracker meal is just what it sounds like -- finely ground crackers. I bought mine from, but you can certainly make your own if you have access to a food processor. Bashing a bunch of crackers with a rolling pin will work, but the cracker crumbs need to be very fine and uniform, so you may have to go at it for a while. (I admit it's an excellent way to work out a case of the angries and the stuff keeps forever in a tightly sealed container so ... may I suggest diy cracker meal as some fine kitchen therapy?)

I served the cutlets with broccoli and mashed potatoes (and cheese sauce over everything, of course). While the cutlets were certainly edible, I know they would have been better pounded a bit thinner and friedfriedfried (and my final version does use very thin fried pork cutlets). They lacked crunch, color, and flavor. If not for the cheese sauce, they would have been completely forgettable.

Truly, the cheese sauce stole the show. Creamy and sharp with just a touch of heat from the mustard and pepper ... I'll be making it again just to pour over broccoli or cauliflower! It's a complete cheater sauce as it's just canned condensed "cheddar" tarted up with (real) shredded cheddar, dry mustard, paprika, and black pepper. Oh, and beer. Because beer is cheddar's BFF.

There's a restaurant the next town over that makes a cheddar ale soup I really want to clone. Except then I would eat nothing but cheddar ale soup and toasted baguettes and that way lies madness.

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