Stuff and Nonsense: Raspberry Chocolate Bites


Raspberry Chocolate Bites

I made these little bites for New Year's Day as a sweet way to begin 2014. The cookie butter can be easily replaced with Nutella or any other cookie butter/chocolate nut spread you desire. Also, if you have chocolate wafer cookies on hand, you could crush a few of those and use the crumbs in place of the crushed hazelnuts.

Raspberry Bites

Do not omit the raspberries and crushed whatever garnish. Without them, they're just pretty much just chocolate pudding cups. A perfectly delicious pudding, yes, but lacking brightness and sophistication. We all want 2014 to be brighter and more sophisticated than 2013, yes?
Raspberry Chocolate Bites
Serves 2

6 mini phyllo shells, thawed according to directions
2 Tbsp mascarpone cheese
1 Tbsp Williams-Sonoma Cookies And Cream Butter (or Nutella)
Splash of milk, as needed
6 raspberries
Crushed hazelnuts, as needed

Beat mascarpone and cookie butter together with a little milk until it is fluffy and more spreadable. Divide between filo cups. Garnish with raspberries and hazelnuts.

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