Stuff and Nonsense: Top 10 Tuesday: What I Wish Someone Would Write


Top 10 Tuesday: What I Wish Someone Would Write

For this week's Top Ten Tuesday, we're talking about our reading wish list -- anything from the things we wish authors would write more (or less) of or publishers would start (or stop) doing. My list is rather short with only three things, because I got a wee bit ranty and made myself stop. I kept trying to go back to the list and tack a different tack, but it was no go. The bee in my bonnet would not dislodge and I decided to leave the list as it is.

  1. I wish mainstream adult fiction would get on the LGBTQ train. There are some terrific YA novels out, but I don't see much for adults (outside of queer publishing, obviously) and I like reading YA, but I'd like to read mainstream(ed) fiction featuring queer women in their thirties (or older).
  2. I wish there were more novels in which the fat characters weren't always the stupid ones or the wicked ones or abruptly drop five dresses sizes and become the hot ones (because I’m fat and smart and (mostly) nice and hot and want to see myself in the fiction I read. I'm not the flippin' last unicorn).
  3. I wish mainstream comics publishers like DC and Marvel would start writing comics that didn't insist on pandering to some near-mythic white heterosexual male consumer. How about some good series comics in which women aren't drawn primarily as objects of pleasure for the male gaze even as they kick ass and take names? And godloveaduck, no more using female characters as plot devices (Disposable Woman, Lost Lenore, et al.).

And maybe the things I want are already out there in the world, but I don't know about them. Do you know books or authors that meet one or all of my wishes? Let me know.

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