Stuff and Nonsense: Beery-Good Irish Bacon


Beery-Good Irish Bacon

I wasn't planning on cooking anything special for Saint Patrick's Day, but then I saw "Guinness Glazed Irish Bacon" over at The Runaway Spoon and, ohhhh, I was just smitten. And, conveniently, I had all the ingredients on hand. (Who doesn't keep a spare package of back bacon in their freezer?).

Glazed Bacon Ingredients

This recipe goes together very easily -- the most difficult part was patiently waiting for the glaze to reduce when all I really wanted to do was stuff my belly with glazed bacon as quickly as possible. I used Guinness 250 Anniversary Stout, which is a bit maltier and milder than regular ol' Guinness. I also broiled my bacon, simply because I couldn't fit all the bacon in a skillet and was feeling too lazy to cook it in batches.

Guinness Glazed Irish Bacon

Anyway, I thought the glazed bacon was fabulous -- a perfect blend of sweet, salty, and smoky. I served the bacon with roasted Brussels sprouts I'd tossed with a little bit of the extra glaze and lots of cracked black pepper. Yum!

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