Stuff and Nonsense: Top 10 Tuesday: Bookish Bucket List


Top 10 Tuesday: Bookish Bucket List

This week, for Top Ten Tuesday, we're talking about our bookish bucket list. I had a little trouble with this list, so I cheated and looked at some other participant's lists before composing my own and, I think the problem might be that I'm a little spoiled by my own life ...
  1. I've worked at a used bookstore (where the staff were outnumbered by cats).
  2. I am a librarian.
  3. I have a home library walled with proper bookshelves.
  4. I have a sunny window seat flanked by bookshelves.
  5. I feel I am am okay with the number of touristy literary sites I have already visited (tho' I wouldn't mind visiting Wharton's "The Mount" ... only 90 minutes away).
  6. I have already read a ridiculous number of books and will, no doubt, read many more.
  7. I have already read and/or purchased (too many) books in foreign countries.
  8. I have no desire to write or publish a book/ebook/whathaveyou.
Hmm. What's left?
  1. Go to more book signings/author talks. (Big Book Getaway was great fun, after all).
  2. Show my bookish colors by owning (and wearing) the literature-influenced shoes, jewelry, and Modcloth dresses I keep admiring.
  3. Meet (some of) my author crushes. (Not only is this something I really want, it's also something I'm terrified will actually happen as I'm bound to come off as either a gibbering idiot or a frighteningly enthusiastic fangirl).
  4. Throw myself a book-themed birthday party.
  5. Attend Worldcon/Dragon Con/New York Comic Con/PAX East/National Book Festival.
  6. Stop feeling guilty about all the books I'm not reading.
  7. Take a reading vacation (a cabin, a lake, a dribble of Internet, and a suitcase full of books).

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