Stuff and Nonsense: Wordless Wednesday: Window Cat


Wordless Wednesday: Window Cat

Cat on Window Ledge
Shelving reference materials is a lot more fun
with a fuzzy neighbor to look at across the alley.


  1. Ha! I love your post a comment disclaimer. Hey, if you're going to be selfish, that will make me sad. Nicely put! I liked this picture because I have a thing for windows, then I scrolled down and saw the cat and that was a pleasant surprise. Very nice. Visiting from Wordless Wednesdays in a non-self-promotional kind of way. Just like looking at others' pics. :)

    1. The whole house it quite lovely with a big front porch, a little tower and, basically, all the little architectural details that make me swoon. There's a bay window set with small panels of stained glass I'd very much love to see from the inside with the sun streaming through, but that's unlikely to happen. The property is derelict and there's some talk it will be razed to create additional library parking. We really do need more parking, but I will miss that house and I wonder what the cat will do (it lives up the street, but that house is clearly in its territory).

  2. I'm a huge fan of windows. And doors. Whenever we're on vacation I spend half the day's memory on the camera (I download every day) on funky doorways and windows. Windows make me feel like more of a voyeur, though; they're more personal than doors, after all. Your photo is lovely, but it worries me. How will that cat get back inside? I'm probably being paranoid... *he* doesn't look worried :D

    Thanks for sharing!
    Guilie @ Life In Dogs
    P.S. -- this link is NOT promotional ;) I leave it to make it easy for you, if you wanted to, to hop over to my blog (and thus begin a much-welcomed personal connection) without having to click through G+ profiles and multiple blog links. I hope I'm not breaking protocol here, and if I am please forgive me. Feel free to delete my comment, too.

    1. The house itself is empty and the cat doesn't live there, but at another house down the street. The cat has been visiting that particular window ledge for a good three years now and, sometimes, it has a friend. It climbs up onto the roof of the front porch, walks around the corner, hops up onto the ledge, and spends the afternoon snoozing in the sun.

      (It's perfectly okay to link to your own blog -- I like to find new blogs to read! I had some trouble with a few people leaving spammy, heavily self-promotional comments that had nothing to do with anything I'd ever posted ... and then getting angry when I deleted their comments so I created my policy).


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