Stuff & Nonsense: I Wield The Barbecue Tongs

27 July 2014

I Wield The Barbecue Tongs

It seems like grilling is generally seen as a very masculine thing, but The Husband didn't grow up with grilling as any kind of male cultural or culinary marker and, after years of inflicting the grill upon my love, I've begun grilling everything myself. Really, what was I thinking all those years thrusting a completely shite gender norm upon him? Stick him in front of the grill with a plate of raw marinated chicken and he'll just magically know what to do because of two X chromosomes and long-term exposure to American sitcoms?

Nope, nope.
But, you know, I've found I really enjoy grilling. Indeed, it is completely awesome! Preheat the grill, give the hot grates a quick scrub with the wire brushy, rub the clean(er) grates with a bit of canola oil, slap the meat on, set the timer, go away and make salad, come back, flip the meat, set the timer again, go away and work on the salad some more, come back, etc until all raw ingredients have become food. There's just something incredibly satisfying about it all.

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