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29 July 2014

Something From The Cupboards: Crunchy Salmon Cakes

I did a bunch of shopping over the weekend, but all of it was for work, so there wasn't much left in the fridge by the time Sunday night came around. Happily, there was salmon and panko in the cupboards and I threw together a quick batch of crunchy salmon cakes and a rather tasty lemon-dill sauce.

To make the patties, I combined two six-ounce cans Wild Alaska pink salmon, well drained and flaked, with two eggs, two pressed cloves of garlic, black pepper, salt, dill, parsley, and a scant half cup crushed garlic-and-herb croutons. I molded the salmon mixture into palm-sized patties and then coated them with panko before cooking them in hot olive oil for about 5 minutes per side.

The sauce was a simple combination of a half cup of Hellmann's light mayonnaise, lemon juice, pressed garlic, dill, and black pepper. The sauce was decidedly garlicky and I worried The Husband would find it a bit too zesty for his delicate palate, but he really liked it!

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