Stuff & Nonsense: Top 10 Tuesday: Blogging Confessions

08 July 2014

Top 10 Tuesday: Blogging Confessions

This week, Top Ten Tuesday puts us in confession! Here are my blogging confessions (in no particular order):
  1. I feel guilty re-reading books I've loved because I feel like I should be keeping up with the new releases and talking about an old book I've read repeatedly (and probably already blogged about) doesn't bring anything new to the table. Unless I want this to be the All Things Awesome About Laura Ingalls and Anne Shirley blog.
  2. I feel I should respond to comments right away and when I don't the GUILT IS TERRIBLE. It's like a thank you card I forgot to send my grandma.
  3. I feel I should take blogging seriously and work to attract more followers and yet I can't be arsed because the "real bloggidyness" of sponsorship, giveaways, follow-backs, and unending self-promotion seems annoying as all get out.
  4. I often feel inadequate as a book blogger because I don't read nearly as many books as other bloggers seem to. I'm averaging a book a week (which would mean a post a week if I could get my act together) and I see bloggers posting 3-4 reviews a week! How?
  5. I actively avoid blogging about The Book Everyone Is Blogging About, because I am intimidated by the sheer glut of reviews. Surely, I can bring nothing new to the TFIOS party.
  6. I wish I could blog more about the non-bookish parts of my life, but I worry it would either bore the socks off you or you would use the information I share to find my house and steal all my books (or both, I guess ... you could be so bored by me that you decide I don't deserve all my books?).
  7. I'm constantly embarrassed by the grammar and spelling mistakes I find in published posts (especially considering the number of times I re-read each post before publishing).


  1. I can wholeheartedly agree with so many of your confessions. I feel like I should self promote more but I just can't be bothered!

  2. I love this TTT list. Totally made me laugh! I love that you are so comfortable with not doing everything you think you should be doing because everyone else is doing it. I mean, who cares? Do what you want -- it's your blog! And I'm adding it to my Bloglovin' list, BTW ...

    Happy TTT!

  3. I hate when I look at my blog posts and find spelling or grammar mistakes. I always try to profread my posts but sometimes it just happens. As for book reviews, I post one every week and it doesn't seem to be enough when i see other bloggers doing three every week.

    Anyways great TTT :)

  4. +JMJ+

    There's nothing wrong with reading older books! One of my favourite book blogs was one which reviewed only classic novels, and I was sad when the blogger lost interest. Then again, I blog whatever I want to blog about and then wonder why I have so few book blogger friends. =P So there's definitely a tradeoff.

    Perhaps there's a way you could compromise . . . I know that some blogs do a "Harry Potter Moment of the Week". Maybe you could do something like that for "Little House" or "Avonlea"? And you might have a bigger audience than you think! Two years ago, when I did a Laura Ingalls Wilder readalong, I got a bunch of new followers . . . who disappeared soon after the readalong ended, when they learned I wasn't doing those sorts of books exclusively but wanted to be more eclectic in my reading choices.


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