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Fall Gardening

I've hated our front flower beds since we moved into the house as they were a mess of weeds and boring foundation plantings. And godawful slug-infested hostas. Cleared the weeds and hostas out straight away, of course, but that just left an expanse of mulch dotted with azaleas and mutant gumdrop evergreens. We've pulled out one of the evergreens and a azaleas after they received some heavy winter damage (a perfect excuse!) and I've been faffing about with iris transplants from my mother's gardens, but I haven't made any really changes. I've certainly never managed to come up with a plan.

New plants from White Flower Farm.

And I'm still not sure I do. I bought and planted three wee BrazelBerries Jelly Bean blueberry bushes last autumn with the hope that, if they took, I'd plant more of them. And, as they seemed to take over the summer, I did buy three more.

Garden before new plantings.

Plus groupings of Lady's Mantle and Geranium "Rozanne" (cranesbill) interplanted with summer-blooming Allium sphaerocephalon ("drumstick allium") in hopes that I would create big, bold swathes of color through the spring and summer with minimum need for maintenance. I have no idea if this will work.

Irises on their way to friends and coworkers.

If it doesn't, I'll just dig everything up and move it to the back flower bed, which I'm much happier with already as it has the lush, overgrown country cottage garden look I prefer. The front garden, I think, scares me a little because it's the public garden everyone sees and judges. Oh, I know, probably no-one actually cares about what my front garden looks like. But I think they do and that's the bit that matters.

Bed with new plants all snug and cozy for the winter.

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