Stuff and Nonsense: Pumpkins & Drill Bits


Pumpkins & Drill Bits

On Pinterest, I kept seeing examples of adorable jack-o-lanterns carved with a drill and I thought the technique sounded pretty interesting. Since I was not doing my usual take-Halloween-off-so-to-decorate-all-the-things, but simply leaving work a few hours early, I thought drilling jack-o-pumpkins would be a brilliant time-saver.

I used an apple corer and electric drill to carve these three jack-o-lanterns. It's a pretty easy process -- the worst part was clearing excess pumpkin guts from the drill holes. My pumpkins seemed extra fibrous this year and there were just stringy bits everywhere no matter how much I scraped. Still, I think my jack-o-lanterns turned out pretty well for a first attempt and I might do them again this way next Halloween.

Skel-A-Mingos and DevilMingos!

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