Stuff and Nonsense: #ShelfLove No Book Buying Challenge: Behold, the TBR Pile of DOOOM!


#ShelfLove No Book Buying Challenge: Behold, the TBR Pile of DOOOM!

The 2015 No Book Buying Challenge officially kicked off on January 1, so here's a photo of some of the unread books littering my home that I hope to tackle during this challenge.

Please note it includes a whole bunch of books The Husband decided to give me for Christmas even though I told him he should stop buying me books as I never get around to reading them because THE LIBRARY IS FULL OF BOOKS and I spend five days a week at the library so, you know, there are a lot of opportunities for library materials to com home with me. And. They. Do.

Also, The  Husband has a terrible habit of buying me quirky or good-for-me nonfiction books I don't know I want. But I love him and he does put up with my ridiculous anxieties about everything in the universe, so ... I will read his books. So help me.

Anyway, my TBR:

These are not all the unread books in my house, but the idea of photographing them all was a wee bit overwhelming. So the ones in the photo are just the ones I'm most likely to read for this challenge. I actually have enough unread "classics" in my house that I should probably sign on for the Victorian Bingo or Back to the Classics challenge! But that would probably be over committing myself!


  1. That is an impressive TBR :) I think it is sweet that your hubby buys you books!

  2. Any man who buys his chic books is a GOOD man! lol You got a good stack going on there! Good luck!

  3. I'm with Julie and Rose. Any man who buys his lady books is a good guy. I would rather have a book (or a gift card to a bookstore) than jewelry or flowers.

    Terri M., the Director
    Second Run Reviews

  4. I love bringing home library books as well -- there are just so many choices! And it does help curb the buying, which is always a bonus, even if it doesn't help me read from my shelves. And it is definitely overwhelming to look at ALL the TBR books at once, but I made myself do it, so it could be a reminder of just why I joined this challenge (and needed it so desperately!) Good luck with your reading this year :)


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