Stuff and Nonsense: Nostalgic Eggie in the Hole


Nostalgic Eggie in the Hole

When I was just a little thing, way back in first or second grade, my mother would occasionally make me an "eggie in the hole" for breakfast. I thought it was the most awesome breakfast in the world -- uniformly golden, buttery, crunchy bread with an egg (hard-cooked, because runny yolks were EWWW) perfectly centered in the middle. I adored it.

This morning I woke up positively craving an egg-in-the-hole. It's been years since I made one and, while mine couldn't compete with those of my nostalgia-tinted childhood memories, it was still pretty darn fine. And I made sure the yolk was all soft and runny, because I now know runny yolks to be totally YUM.

Amusingly, egg-in-the-hole was the perfect way to use up the under-baked middle of a loaf of bread I'm made earlier in the week. The circular cut-out for the egg neatly removed the under-done bit and I was left with what looked like a perfect bake.

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