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Fruitcake Season: Plum Ginger

Although the calendar may say Spring is "only" weeks away, it's still very much winter here on Death Mountain. So much so that I'm half-tempted to put the Christmas tree back up and break out the eggnog. Except no-one is selling eggnog now. No, it's all chocolate bunnies and Easter grass.

Yeah, that's one biiiig fruitcake.

To heck with it all. I baked a fruitcake. Yes, finally got around to baking up the Paula Deen fruitcake I'd most be longing to try -- the "Plum Ginger" with green tea and Chinese 5-spice powder infused batter. It just sounded as interesting as all get out. So not the traditional fruitcake flavors. And yet still using the trappings of a traditional fruitcake -- citron, orange, and lemon peel, etc.

Delicious, fragrant batter.

The other Paula Deen fruitcakes I've made all used similar preparation methods and the "Plum Ginger" cake was not very different. Yes, I had to brew a strong cup of green tea and there was no alcohol bath at the end of the baking cycle, but those were really the only differences. As with the others, the batter went together easily and tasted ridiculously delicious even unbaked. (Yes, I know, raw batter is not a thing anyone should eat and yet how can I help it if, in stirring the batter, I accidentally got some on my fingers and then my fingers accidentally wandered into my mouth).

Paula Deen's "Plum Ginger" Fruitcake" from Cooking With Paula Deen, Nov/Dec 2008. Also available on the DVD Cooking with Paula Deen, The Complete Collection (2005-2012). Can't locate a copy on your own? See if your friendly local library can help you out.

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