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Tea & Cake

Walked around Blackpool center a bit today, peeking in different shops and enjoying our proximity to the sea. Of course, all that window shopping and fresh sea air can tire a person out and we had to stop for tea and cakes. We shared what the shop called a "Savoy cake" which was a tender sponge finger split and filled with whipped cream, fresh strawberries, and strawberry drizzle. It was totally YUM, but pretty much anything that involves fresh sponge and cream is going to be good. Or has been, so far. Yeh, we've eaten a lot of cake this trip!

We also enjoyed tea for two and the shop did that thing I've only encountered in the North of England where you get a pot of brewed tea with the tea bag still bobbing in it and pot of painfully hot water to cut the tea with or add to the emptied pot to make more tea. It's thrifty, which is VERY Northern.

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