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30 May 2015

#ShelfLove No Book Buying Challenge: Sales Pitch

May’s monthly No Book Buying Challenge update is supposed to be my best sales pitch, explaining why I should be allowed to buy a book.

The book: Ancillary Mercy by Ann Leckie

Why I want it:

  • I absolutely adored Ancillary Sword!
  • I'm reading Ancillary Justice for this challenge!
  • It's far future space opera!
  • With AI-controlled human bodies!
  • And fun with gender pronouns and socio-sexual constructs!
  • I'm a completist!

Why I should be allowed to have it:

  • I have actually been a good little #Shelflove participant! While, yes, I have purchased three books in five months, I have also read three challenge books in the same amount of time. And one of those reads was Villette, a novel that worked hard to crush my love of Charlotte Bronte. (The ending! Why, Charlotte? Whyyy?)
  • Ancillary Mercy doesn't release until October, which is most of the way through the challenge, making it a reward I will continue to work toward not an instantaneous act of self-gratification.
  • If I pre-order Ancillary Mercy now, Amazon's Pre-order Price Guarantee means I'll pay the lowest price -- this has worked out well for me in the past.

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