Stuff and Nonsense: Kracie Ocean Creatures Gummy DIY


Kracie Ocean Creatures Gummy DIY

Waaaay back in March (!) our monthly Okashi Connection Japanese confectionery box included a Kracie "Umi no Gumi Zukan DIY" aka "Sea Creature Gumi Picture Dictionary" gummi candy construction kit. I'd never made anything like it before, but thought it might be fun to do ... later ... when I had time. Of course, I forgot all about it and it ended up at the bottom of the Big Green Bag of Leftover Okashi Stuff that lives in the hall closet.

Why I decided to throw caution to the wind, knuckle down and craft me some fine ass sea animal gummies today of all days I do not know. I went to the Internet, watched a bunch of instructional YouTube videos and then sallied forth into the world of gummi. Of all the YouTube videos I watched, I found AwesomeDisneyToys's particularly helpful and am sharing it below:

One thing AwesomeDisneyToys does not mention in his video, but I learned the hard way, is to pick up the mold after you've dripped the magic activator solution allover your sea creatures and look up through the bottom to see if the solution has sunk all the way through. If you see dry pockets of powder, add a bit more activator solution. Otherwise, you'll end up with a crab who, like mine, looks like it has a shell condition.

That said, you still need to be careful about not using too much activator solution because, if you use too much it will take forever for the gummies to set. This is a photo of my gummies, removed from their mold 20 minutes after I added the activator solution, and you can clearly see they are still rather wet.

But what do they taste like? A slightly gritty jelly version of marble soda. Definitely something eight-year-old me would tolerate better than thirty-eight-year-old me. I think I'll treat future gummi DIY strictly as a craft -- not a culinary -- project.

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