Stuff and Nonsense: O-Sushi-ya-San Gumi DIY Candies


O-Sushi-ya-San Gumi DIY Candies

These Meiji Nigi Nigi Osushiyasan Gumi candies from the April 2015 Okashi Connection subscription box are probably where I should have started my gummi DIY adventure as they're pre-molded in the shape of either vinegared sushi rice balls or sliced seafood -- meguro (tuna), akagai (clam), ikura (salmon roe), ebi (shrimp), ika (squid), tako (octopus), and tamago (egg) -- and require absolutely zero amounts of water droppers or magic powders. All I had to do was stick the gummi pieces together. And eat them, of course.

Once I got the gummies out of their mold! They were surprisingly sticky, clinging to their mold (and then my fingers) for all they were worth. In addition to being sticky, the seafood gummies are quite soft and I half expected I'd destroy them as I unmolded them. However, they're supremely elastic and quickly returned to their original forms. The rice pieces were attached to each other via little gummi umbilicals and had to be cut apart. I mean, I could probably have just yanked them apart, but cutting seemed more civilized.

For what seems like a cheap, gimmicky candy, the seafood pieces are very cleanly molded with good detail. I especially enjoyed the adorable wee-ness of the peach-flavored ebi (shrimp) and tako (octopus) pieces. The rice pieces seem more roughly formed with untrimmed excess edging most of them.

What do these gummi candies taste like? Well, there's a preponderance of banana flavor as that's what all the "rice" gummies are flavored as, but the banana does play pretty well with the peach and lemon "seafood" gummies. Unfortunately, I don't really know how to rate the banana, because it's not a flavor I've encountered before in gummi form. It's mild? With a note of vanilla? The peach flavor is quite good, however, and tastes rather like a real peach, but the lemon is weirdly chemical and makes me think of a lemon-scented cleanser.

Eating these reminds me of how much I do enjoy gummi candy and makes me want to go visit the pick 'n' mix!

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