Stuff and Nonsense: Easy Parmesan Tilapia & Zucchini Sauté


Easy Parmesan Tilapia & Zucchini Sauté

Made this yummy baked tilapia and zucchini medley last week for supper as part of my continuing quest to Eat. Moar. Fish. It's a mild, sweet, white fish so The Husband tolerates it well and I find it's pretty versatile, so I don't mind cooking it. But I'd really love some cod. Dear Heaven, cod.

Too fishy for The Husband, though! So I limit my "weird" fish (hello, trout!) eating to when we dine out and limit home cooked fish to "acceptable" fish like salmon, tuna, and tilapia.

And this is quite nice tilapia, I do admit. I followed Taste of Home's recipes for "Parmesan Fish Fillets" and "Zucchini 'n' Corn Sauté" with a few tweaks (white whole wheat flour instead of all-purpose, roasted garlic powder instead of garlic salt) but not enough to change the dishes in any significant way.

They're both easy recipes and pair together well both in flavoring and timing. I'd definitely make them both again -- especially in the summer, when the vegetables are fresh from the garden. Even with out-of-season vegetables, the dish tasted fresh and summery. The colors are fabulous, too. The fish is moist and flaky with the parmesan crust giving it a little bit of crunch.

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