Stuff and Nonsense: Ouran High School Host Club, Volume 1


Ouran High School Host Club, Volume 1

SQUEEEEEEE. Seriously.

Haruhi is a new scholarship student at the prestigious Ouran Academy. Looking for a quiet place to study, she wanders into the Third Music Room … and encounters the fabulous (and ridiculous!) Ouran Academy Host Club (a club where six handsome male students skillfully tend to the romantic needs of their impressionable female peers). After accidentally breaking a valuable vase, Haruhi finds herself essentially indentured to the club until she pays the vase’s value back. Oh, and everyone in the club initially thinks Haruhi is a boy and she lets them go along thinking that because … SPOILERS ... but also, what’s the big deal? Boy Haruhi? Girl Haruhi? Why does it matter?

I’ve long adored the anime, Ouran High School Host Club, so much so that I went on a bit of a bender in February and re-watched the entire series. And then, of course, I wanted more but there is no more. So I turned to the live-action TV series, but that was just too weird for me (frankly, the character's seemed more creepy than cute) so I turned to the manga ...

Volume 1 and Episode 1 are almost identical, so the story was sweetly familiar ... but the book’s black and white illustrations are not, sadly, on par with the animation. However, in the (sweet! funny! adorable!) character biographies at the back of the book, Hatori does write that she intends to tone down Haruhi’s (and, hopefully, Honey’s), giant eyes in later stories and has become more confident drawing the characters (particularly Hikaru and Kaoru) so it’s reasonable to expect improved illustrations in later volumes.

Ouran High School Host Club, Volume 1 w/ story & illus. by Bisco Hatori (Viz Media, 2002)

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