Stuff and Nonsense: More Japanese Sweets From Okashi Connection


More Japanese Sweets From Okashi Connection

July marks two years subscribed to Okashi Connection's monthly Japanese box o' deliciousness and a few things have changed since we signed on, so I thought I should talk about it again.

First off, everything that's changed has changed for the better -- the boxes, now boldly colored and clearly branded, look very professional. The snacks seem bigger and better (not that they were ever paltry or unpalatable before) and, instead of logging into the Okashi Connection website for descriptions of items, a handy printed guide is included in each box. Okashi Connection has also added smaller and larger boxes to accommodate different size appetites/households. While these aren't substantial changes, they make the whole experience just that much nicer.

Despite the boxes coming directly from Japan -- eventually via the frequently ungentle hands of the United States Postal Service -- we've never had much of a problem with breakage. Chips, crackers, and other crispy snacks seem to survive their trip surprisingly well. It is the sweets that run into trouble. But, even then, not as much as I'd expect -- in the two years we've been subscribed, we've had only three or four sweets arrive melted and misshapen. Usually, the damage isn't so great we won't gamely try to eat the candy. However, in the case of this month's box, the watermelon gummies were just too tragic-looking to eat.

But everything else -- even the aerated chocolate panda -- is in good kip and looks delicious! Indeed, in some ways the steadily increasing "goodness" of the snacks is becoming a problem. In the beginning, the boxes were easy to split down "his" and "her" lines with The Husband, picky pants that he is, eschewing many snacks. More often now a box contains items we both want to eat and ... sometimes there is shouting and covert snacking (certain parties deny covert snacking, but I don't know what else could have happened to May's Pie No Mi Raspberry Cream Cheese pastries).

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