Stuff and Nonsense: Taste of Home: Taste the Seasons Goodie Box: Summer 2016


Taste of Home: Taste the Seasons Goodie Box: Summer 2016

I swear it is not my intention to fill this blog with subscription box reviews! That said, I want to talk about the Taste of Home Taste the Seasons: Summer Goodie Box I received in July.

Taste the Seasons is a quarterly seasonal kitchen subscription box curated by Taste of Home featuring themed recipes, kitchen tools and gadgets, ingredients, special coupons/discounts, and access to TOH's online Cooking School. You can buy an individual box for $34.95 or subscribe to the whole year for $29.95 each. Taste of Home values each box at $75 to $90 so it sounds like a good deal either way. Subscription options automatically renew quarterly until cancelled and canceling requires a call to Customer Care. If you have food allergies, you'll want to talk to Customer Care, anyway, before you commit to a box or boxes.

Here's what I found in the Summer box:
  1. Access code for free online access to 2 Cooking School courses
  2. American flag cupcake/cake picks
  3. Betty Crocker-branded silicone basting brush
  4. Great Flavors' Steak, Chop, & Broil seasoning blend
  5. June/July issue of Country Woman
  6. June/July issue of Simple & Delicious
  7. OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer
  8. Several TOH "Most Requested" seasonal recipe cards
  9. Taste of Home Frosty Treats & More cookbook (2015)
  10. True Citrus sampler pack (7 sticks; 1 of each flavor) & coupons
  11. Watermelon slice & flip-flop cookie cutters

While I'm kind-of "meh" about the cookie cutters and flag picks -- I'm a drop cookie kind of gal and the flag picks just look cheap -- I was pleased with everything else in the box and thought it was, overall, good value (even if not quite the value TOH suggests). The cookbook, recipe cards, and magazines are full of delicious-sounding recipes and I've quite dog-eared my issue of Simple & Delicious.

Of the recipe cards, I have made the "Sweet Tea Barbecued Chicken" and the "Steak 'n' Potato Kabobs." Both recipes worked out well and the kabob recipe gave me an opportunity to try the Steak, Chop, & Broil seasoning blend -- a gluten-free blend of coarse salt, black pepper, dill seed, garlic, onion, red bell peppers, herbs and spices appropriate for steaks, burgers, pork, lamb and chicken -- and the silicone basting brush. (Yes, I already own a silicone brush, but it sees so much use that an extra was welcome).

Of everything in the box, however, the OXO 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer is my particular favorite. While it looks a bit like a prop from a low-budget science fiction show, it's surprisingly effective and I've murdered so many avocados since acquiring it. Definitely not something I would ever have bought myself (it's a definite clutter-up-your-drawers-unitasker), but I'm pleased to have it.

While I do think Taste of Home has over-valued the physical contents of the box -- my calculations brought it in at around $70 (not including the regular cost of Cooking School courses) -- it's still worth more than I paid and is full of things that pleased me. Overall, I enjoyed the Summer Taste the Seasons Goodie Box and look forward to seeing what the autumn brings!

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