Stuff and Nonsense: In A Dark, Dark Wood


In A Dark, Dark Wood

Seemingly out of the blue, Nora is invited up to a cottage in the wilds of Northumberland to celebrate the forthcoming nuptials of a once-friend. She's reluctant to attend, but Florence (the woman organizing the hen) is very persistent and it turns out one of Nora's current friends is going so ... why not go?

Because someone at the party has arranged a murder, that's why.

What a delicious thriller. And, yes, I'm saying that as someone who doesn't read many thrillers or mysteries so ymmv, etc, but wow. An absolute page-turner. Not at all creepy, but very psychological with lots of unreliable characters (including the narrator) doling out dribs and drabs of the story until a truly startling denouement when all those bits come together. In some ways In a Dark, Dark Wood felt like a rather old-fashioned mystery -- a house party murder à la Agatha Christie or Georgette Heyer -- but if that was ever Ware's intent, then it's a well-done homage.

tl;dr: I cannot wait to read Ware's latest, The Woman in Cabin 10.

Ware, Ruth. In a Dark, Dark Wood. Scout Press, 2015. Kindle file.

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