Stuff and Nonsense: Hedwig the Mighty, Grand Duchess of Cats


Hedwig the Mighty, Grand Duchess of Cats

Ah, Hedwig, it is so difficult to believe you were in our lives for nearly seventeen years. It feels like only days ago we brought you home from the Connecticut Humane Society. So small, so mottled, so gnomish-looking a kitten. A perfect hedge witch's cat. "Hedge witch" quickly devolved into "Hedwig" and there it stayed. Hedwig the Mighty. Hedwig the Beautiful. Hedwig the Grand Duchess of Cats.

You were so very wee -- you could easily curl up in (and fall asleep in) one of The Husband's shoes. And when you'd figured out how your claws worked, you used to run up his trouser legs and shirts, perching on his shoulder with all the pride of Sir Edmund Hillary conquering Everest.

As you grew older, you became a much more grounded cat, preferring the comforts of desks and sofa backs. You kept me company through the writing of many a resume and grad school paper, sometimes with near disastrous results -- I still remember waking up to find you had opened so many browser tabs my computer had stop responding.

You could be a grand cuddler when you wanted to be and, in recent years, you took to perching on my chair back, rubbing your head against my head in an almost violently affectionate manner until I would reach back and give you the ear scritches you so clearly deserved. And, when I came home from the hairdresser, you would doggedly attempt to lick down all the spikes the stylist had given me, as if I were a recalcitrant kitten in need of grooming.

I regret I did not cuddle with you as often as you wished or give you all the treats you tried to seduce from me with your pretty looks as you, in hindsight, clearly deserved them and so much more. I hope you knew how much we loved you and how very hard we tried to do our best by you in all things and I hope that, at the end, you died gently, easily, dreaming of sunbeams and sardines. Farewell, my darling cat. There will never be another cat as fine as you.

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