Stuff and Nonsense: Wayward, Volume 1: String Theory


Wayward, Volume 1: String Theory

Irish-Japanese teenager Rori Lane has left Ireland to start over with her mother in Japan and, from the moment she arrives, she begins to experience a whole lot of weirdness. Turns out Rori possesses some kind of secret cosmic powers that the Japanese supernatural world is very interested in! Quelle surprise!

Rori quickly runs into trouble, but is saved by the intervention of a mysterious cat-girl. The she runs into more trouble with a spirit-eating boy ... but then they become besties. And, wouldn't you know it, Rori keeps getting into trouble (she is a girl-shaped Trouble Magnet) and, coincidentally, running into other powered kids ... and even becomes their leader! All while having unsurprising adjustment issues at her new school. Oh, and mom is ever the absent parent. And Rori likes to cut herself to cope.

I don't really know what to say about Wayward, Volume 1: String Theory. It's certainly very attractive to look at -- Cummings' illustrations are vibrant and rich with detail -- but the story itself is just kind-of mediocre. It's the first volume, though, so there's hope it will improve over the next three (or more) volumes. And the end was surprising.

Despite my mixed feelings, I have added the second volume tp my library hold list and am actually looking forward to reading it. I know, I know ... I am so wiffle-waffle.

Wayward, Volume 1: String Theory written by Jim Zub w/ illus by Steven Cummings et al. (Image Comics, 2015)

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