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Far From Home

Rachel is a nice seems-to-be straight girl struggling with student loan debt, under-employment, and an eating disorder. On a whim (almost), she agrees to marry Pari, an equally nice lesbian who, while in the country legally, can't do the work she most desires under her current visa. Two years of marriage will help Pari get her green card and, in return, she will take care of Rachel's debts.

Okay. That sounds kind of improbable. And horrible. And dangerous. And, in the real world, Rachel and Pari's relationship would not work out, the USCIS would have no problem spotting marital fraud, Rachel would go to jail, and Pari would be deported.

But Lorelie Brown's Far From Home is a sweet, hopelessly upbeat and romantic work of fiction. Of course, Rachel and Pari fall in love and happily-ever-after the fuck out of the story. Yes, some readers will probably have to suspend a ridiculous amount of disbelief to enjoy Far From Home ... but I had no problem with it. It's a fictitious romance in a fictitious California in a fictitious America where Everything Will Turn Out All Right and, considering the very real and horrific deportation stories I keep reading, that's exactly what I needed.

Also, I should point out I have a great weakness for marriage-of-convenience HEA stories and I'm always on the look for sweet, tender LBTQ romance. Really, it should come as no surprise to anyone that I gobbled up Far From Home over the course of a rainy afternoon and then immediately went looking for more. Far From Home is a Belladonna Ink novel, sharing the same universe and a few characters as Brown's Take Me Home, but it is not necessary to read one in order to enjoy the other. However ... having read one, how could you not read the other? And wish then spend fruitless night wishing there were more?

Truly, I enjoyed this Far From Home so veryVERY much. While not without flaws, the story is still so sweet, poignant, and delicious that it is definitely going on my "Books To Reread When It Feels Like The End of The World" (wait that's every day, now, isn't it?) list.

Far From Home by Lorelie Brown (Riptide Publishing, 2016). Kindle Edition, Riptide Publishing, 2016.

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