Stuff and Nonsense: Special Delivery From Taste of Home: Fall 2017


Special Delivery From Taste of Home: Fall 2017

The revamped Taste of Home subscription box service -- formerly Taste the Seasons, but now Special Delivery From Taste of Home -- continues to be wonderful and the autumn box was full of so many nice things.

Taste of Home Taste of Home Holidays & Celebrations -- A 2015 publication. Broken into seasons, this cookbook covers all the major secular American holidays as well as more casual events like pool parties and afternoon tea. I'm hosting Christmas this year, so the winter section is currently quite thick with sticky notes. The Beef Tenderloin With Mushroom-Wine Sauce or Roger Bowld's Salt-Encrusted Prime Rib are currently vying for entree.

Oxo Good Grips Dough Mixer With Blades. I already own this pastry blender and it works really well for dough ... and egg salad. I will probably give this new one away as a door prize during the library cookbook swap I'm organizing for April.

Tovolo Precision Pie Cutter. It's a compass for your pie crust! Attach the edge blade you desire -- loose wave, tight wave, scalloped and straight -- plonk the "pivot" end down on the middle of your rolled dough, then rotate the arm around to cut the prettiest circular crust. I have not actually tried this yet -- pie crust is my nemesis -- but it looks pretty easy. Maybe, I'll make a chicken potpie?

Kitchen Envy Small Silicone Baking Mat. A 9"x12" flexible nonstick baking liner. Perfectly fits my quarter sheet pan. My mat came rolled up in a tube, but flattened right out when I unrolled it. It feels nice and sturdy, as if it will last a while, and I like that it is pre-marked for optimal cookie, etc placement.

Fire & Flavor Turkey Perfect Herb Brine Kit. I've never brined a turkey before -- it just seemed like a lot of effort and I've always had a vague feeling I'd managed to do it wrong and ruin dinner -- but the display of Fire & Flavor brine kits are Bed, Bath and Beyond were seriously tempting me last month, so I'm glad this came in the fall box. The kit includes brine mix, brining bag, recipes, and instructions. I just supply the turkey, water, sugar, vinegar, and ice.

Gustus Vitae Rosemary Lemon Sea Salt Gourmet Salt. This flavor was developed exclusively for Taste of Home which is a little frustrating. On the one hand, it's cool I have a unique product unavailable to anyone else. On the other, I will not be able to acquire more of it. And it is yummy stuff. Currently, my favorite use is to sprinkle it over hot popcorn, but it's really good on salmon, too. The tin is magnetic so it can stick to your fridge or whathaveyou, but I find the lid leaks a little and so prefer to store it flat in my spice drawer.

My Spice Sage Cinnamon Stick Chunks. My Spice Sage products make a regular appearance in Taste of Home boxes and I'm always pleased to see them as they're always good quality. This cinnamon sticks are broken into one-inch chunks which makes them easier to fit into mulling spice balls or herb bags. So far, I've used some of mine to make "Slow Cooker Spiced Apple & Pear Butter."

Again, I continue to be impressed by this revamped subscription box service and look forward to seeing what the Winter Special Delivery From Taste of Home box has in store for me. Read about my experiences with Special Delivery and its precursor, Taste the Seasons.

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