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CSA Share Goodness

CSA Saturday! Yes, I usually pick up my farm share on Friday afternoons at the farmers market, but with the Italian Festival on I knew that parking would be madness and moved my pickup to the farm. Glad I did, because Gresczyk Farms' store is full of even more deliciousness. Picked up a pint of Hastings Farm honey yoghurt (the best yogurt) and a quart of garlic kosher dill chip pickles. Just been standing in front of the fridge, eating the pickles straight from the tub.

What did I get in my partial share this week?

  • Half dozen eggs
  • Half dozen sweet corn
  • One pound pickling cucumbers
  • Half pint blueberries
  • One bunch golden beets
  • One bunch white onions

I'm not going to do anything fancy with this week's share -- berries in yoghurt with granola, onions and cucumbers in salad, beets roasted and pickled, corn grilled with butter, eggs scrambled with toast.

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