Stuff and Nonsense: From Delicious Bundt Cakes: Rosemary-Lemon Bundt Cake


From Delicious Bundt Cakes: Rosemary-Lemon Bundt Cake

Even though I already possess an incalculable wealth of cookbooks, I am always eager to add another one to my collection. I have a great weakness for the book section BJ's Wholesale Club and must browse it every time I pop in to pick "just a few" things up. The stores usually have a good selection of new books by America's Test Kitchen and I've added three or four to my collection over the year. When (not if) I find a cookbook I like, I'll check the price against Amazon and BJ's is usually a little cheaper, happily legitimizing my impulsive purchase. My most recent purchase was Delicious Bundt Cakes: More Than 100 New Recipes For Timeless Favorites by Roxanne Wyss and Kathy Moore.

I purchased this book mostly because of the "Tomato Soup Spice Bundt Cake" recipe which brought back a flood of memories of my mother's tomato soup cake. Mind you, the book's recipe is nothing like my mother's as it uses a spice cake mix and my mother's (excepting the soup) was completely from scratch. I also hated tomato soup as a child and would never eat her tomato soup cake. The idea of tomato soup -- so disgusting in itself -- going into a cake was just untenable. Now I know it doesn't taste at all of soup, but is much more like a rich and nutty spice cake.

There's also a chapter titled "A Year of Bundts" and doesn't that just sound delightful? Also, an easy way to make baking a more regular thing again as baking one thing usually leads me to baking more things. Bundt cakes -- the gateway bake. February's cake is "Chock-Full of Cherries Bundt Cake" made with dark cherries and pecans. I'll probably bake it around Washington's Birthday since it plays into the whole cherry tree myth.

While I've only just started baking from this book, I find it quite good. The recipes seem easy to follow and do not use any hard-to-find or costly ingredients. There isn't a photo for every cake, which is a bit of a downer, but the photos that are included make the cakes look very, very tempting. The recipes are a mixture of scratch and "cheater" baking with about half the recipes starting with a cake mix base. I can see it might annoy a purist, but I enjoy the opportunities made possible by the duality -- throw together mix-based bundt on a minute's notice or spend a lazy afternoon faffing around with a scratch cake recipe.

Today I baked the "Rosemary-Lemon Bundt Cake" for my coworker's as one of the part-timers will soon be heading off to work in a different town department and I just feel like we should have a little cake to celebrate her. She's been brilliant to work with and I wish we didn't have to lose her, but she needs a job with more regular hours and better pay and she'll find that in her new position.

The cake is fabulous, imho. Only mildly sweet with tender crumb, it is a good cake to pair with a cuppa. Flavor-wise, rosemary and lemon compliment each other well and, every time I lift the cake dome, I am caught up in what I can only describe as the scent of summer in a mythical Provence. All in all, it is an appealing cake and I will be baking it again.