Stuff and Nonsense: Raspberry Bundt Cake (Cake Mix)


Raspberry Bundt Cake (Cake Mix)

Last week I went berry picking at Lyman Orchards and returned home with just over five pounds of beautiful, fragrant red raspberries. While we were happy to eat them by the handful, like the happy Om Noms we are, I managed to reserve enough berries to make both cake and jam.

This raspberry bundt cake is effortless, thanks to some help from a cake mix. While I am all for scratch cakes, sometimes a doctored box mix is just the ticket. It's all about the moment, right? While cake is always suitable, every moment requires a different cake. After a long days of cookery and housekeeping, a tweaked box cake was exactly what we needed to draw the weekend to a close.

To make the cake, I prepared a yellow bundt cake mix as directed by the instructions on the box. I then layered the bottom of a bundt pan with raspberries and poured the prepared cake mix over them before and baked the cake according to the bundt directions on the box. When the cake had cooled enough to be handled (it could have cooled more but we were impatient and slightly warm cake is great), I cut it into generous wedges and we ate it with fresh whipped cream and more raspberries.

The cake had a nice light sponge, moist but not soggy, with lots of sweet-tart raspberry flavor and the fragrance -- so comforting and homey.

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