Stuff and Nonsense: Road Trip: Cape Fear Botanical Garden


Road Trip: Cape Fear Botanical Garden

I'd scheduled a stop at Cape Fear Botanical Garden during our drive down to South Carolina mostly because we needed a stop around that point and who doesn't want to visit another botanical garden? Other than The Husband, covered in insect bites as he is?

If you prefer large formal gardens Cape Fear might not be for you. Cape Fear is young for a botanical garden, having only come into existence in 1989, and much of its acreage remains undeveloped. The gardens that have been created are, aside from those nearest the visitors center, very natural-looking. However, if you're looking for hiking trails and spots to engage in quiet contemplation, Cape Fear has those in spades.

We had a very pleasant walk around the gardens, particularly enjoying the swing benches by the banana tree garden and all the butterflies and dragonflies on the butterfly stroll. Overall, a lovely stop on a long road trip.

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