Stuff and Nonsense: Road Trip: Longwood Gardens


Road Trip: Longwood Gardens

On our drive down to South Carolina we stopped for a few hours at Longwood Gardens, long on my list of botanical gardens to visit. While it is autumn now and many of the summer blooms have passed, the Gardens are so large and varied that our eyes did not lack for beauty. We spent a good three hours at Longwood, giving us just enough time to explore the Italian Water Garden, Conservatory, Main Fountain Garden, and Meadow Garden as well as take in a fountain performance.

A small part of the Italian Water Garden

In the Conservatory

Also in the Conservatory

In the Meadow Garden

In the grotto behind the Loggia in the Main Fountain Garden

I would love to go back and see more of the gardens. Really, I would be happy to visit every season if I could as the Christmas lights, orchid extravaganza, and amazing tulip display in the spring all sound delightful.

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