Stuff and Nonsense: 43 in 43

43 in 43

While celebrating my birthday, I made a list of things I would like to do in this my 43rd year. This list has been randomized using RANDOM.ORG's list randomizer, because ordering the list by importance or alphabet made me anxious. Also, I didn't come up with any of these ideas specifically for this list. They are all things I've thought about doing, but put off for one reason or another. Most are local and small, because that's were my happiness lies.

  1. Take a crochet class at Hartford Stitch or the like.
  2. Attend a poetry reading.
  3. Sew something.
  4. Complete a Creativebug project.
  5. Create a living will.
  6. Cook more of Mom's recipes.
  7. Experience a float tank.
  8. Foster/adopt a cat or cats.
  9. Minimize Amazon purchases.
  10. Participate in a program at the Kellogg Environmental Center.
  11. Engage in regular yoga practice.
  12. Set up two more monthly charitable donations.
  13. Listen to more classical music.
  14. Use less plastic.
  15. Read more.
  16. Attend a Promisek concert at Three Rivers Farm.
  17. Meditate more daily.
  18. Eat more vegetables.
  19. Drop the Dunkin' tea habit.
  20. Attend an Adult Space Night at Van Vleck Observatory.
  21. Dine at one of the Culinary Institute of America's Hyde Park restaurants.
  22. Plant another tree.
  23. Have Dad up for bimonthly dinners.
  24. Visit Wave Hill.
  25. Attend Connecticut's Historic Gardens Day.
  26. Attend a poetry performance at Hill-Stead Museum.
  27. Watch more roller derby.
  28. Make Grandma Chapman's pierogis.
  29. Get a garden certified as a Monarch Waystation.
  30. Bake bread in my French oven.
  31. Donate blood 6 times.
  32. Build a gingerbread house.
  33. Master pie crust.
  34. Create a dedicated home meditation space.
  35. Participate in Connecticut Trails Day.
  36. Enroll in a King Arthur Flour Baking School class.
  37. Book more massages.
  38. Attend a hearth cooking demonstration at the Stanley-Whitman House.
  39. Visit Chanticleer.
  40. Visit Weir Farm National Historic Site.
  41. Carry a reusable water bottle at all times.
  42. Attend new kinds of cultural performances.
  43. Subscribe to a meat CSA.