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29 August 2018

11 May 2014

Let's Talk About Birds

I haven't been cooking much lately as my body keeps being weird. Not sick, necessarily, but full of inexplicable discomforts that turn eating into something of a trial and, therefore, cooking becomes a resented chore. Most annoyingly, I'm not consistently discomforted -- I'll have series of days where I feel pretty normal (and get too excited and menu plan) and then it goes all weird and unpleasant again.

But talking about personal health is both boring and awkward so let's talk about something significantly more interesting and exciting!

Yes, let's talk about birds!

A Wild Birds Unlimited franchise opened up in Avon recently and celebrated its grand opening this weekend with drawings for many possible prizes including a pole set, tube feeder, and a hummingbird feeder combo! I already own that particular combination, but wouldn't mind winning another. Our current set was purchased at the WBU franchise in Niantic more than a decade ago and is still going strong.

(Well, except for the bit that got bent into a lovely 40° angle this past winter. Bear has been suggested as a possible culprit, but I'd like to think I would have noticed a bear in my backyard).

I don't want to turn this post into a giant ad for Wild Birds Unlimited, but I must say I really enjoy their products. Barring accidents with lawn-mowers and bears, the feeders and pole systems seem set to last forever. And everything is pretty. Frequently, even adorable.

So we went primarily to enter the drawing (because who doesn't love free bird stuff?), but also to look at replacing the rusty metal Home Depot shepherds hook I've been hanging the hummingbird feeder off. It only has one hook which has been fine -- hummingbirds in the spring/summer, seed balls in the fall/winter -- but now we want to be able to hang multiple feeders concurrently and so that hook just won't do. Obviously, we came home with a whole new pole set!

I want to say we went with the yellow finial because hummingbirds are attracted to yellow, but we actually went with it because it was the cutest option. (And hummingbirds do like yellow. And orange. And pink. And purple).

When we arrived at WBU, the store was in the midst of hosting a talk by a representative of the Sharon Audubon Center. She had live owls and hawks and was generally completely awesome. I took too many bad pics with my phone -- of which I will only inflict you with two -- and I learned lots of new things. Did you know many owls have differently-sized asymmetrical ears? Their ears are of different sizes and at different heights to allow for sound localization which makes the prey easier to find. Also, birds don't have bladders! Which makes perfect sense, really, but still surprised me.

The Sharon Audubon Center sounds like a great place to spend a spring afternoon -- 1,147 acres with eleven miles of trails and two ponds, raptor aviary with live birds of prey, herb garden, bird and butterfly garden, and a working sugarhouse -- and I'm sure we'll get up that way before too long.